Vices we love: June 2007

Friday, June 01, 2007

Custer was here

One of the things I like about eastern Euro students is that they are real. With certain notable exceptions, they generally have some work and life experience. (Not as much as they think- a flaw I was reminded of when reading some snot-nosed 20 year olds plan to become a "life coach" upon graduation.) Still, they have generally held down jobs, saved, planned (not very well if what I see in class is a guide) ahead and so on. One of these wise old youngsters is Alex a crypto-Jewish Russian immigrant who dabbles in a few dozen businesses including his newest venture, a bowling alley in a village which, for the sake of anonymity starts with pies and ends with tany. Said bowling alley is set in a fake Indian restaurant that would make any Chief weep.(The menu includes Chief Red Feathers' special which has "three meets".) The most striking feature however was the canned Russian rap. Rather than to elucidate on the horrors of canned Russian rap, I'll let you sample the lyrics, which seem to have been written by a demented, world-weary Russian infant:

"I got mad musical selection
It's enough to give me an erection
Which is dope cuz I hate introspection."

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