Vices we love: I'm getting annoyed again

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

I'm getting annoyed again

So this is not usually a political blog because I more or less gave up on politics after 61,000,000 Americans took a look at the last 4 years and said "You know that was pretty good." I threw up my hands, burned some science books and moved to Asia. But every once in a while, I'll read something like this and manage, despite myself, to get pissed off ALL OVER AGAIN. Not good for the blood pressure. Not healthy. Here is a city that everyone knew was going to sink, being that it was built on a swamp below sea level. And now people are SHOCKED that it actually happened. Please. And the little old lady in the story? I remember sitting around in the wonderfully named War Memorial Building of the Tennessee legislature (no prizes for guessing which war-look, there is a bronze statute of Nathan Bedford Forrest, general, Klan founder, traitor and mass murderer!) when I found myself-how these things happen, I do not know- in conversation with a southern Republican.

"Well, we're all a bunch of rich racists you know."
"At least you're being honest. I gotta respect that."
(Shit-eating grin) "I was being sarcastic."
"Oh. My bad."

You know that picture speaks a thousand words thingie? Nope, I'm not even going to mention Yahoo, except for their great Chinese adventure.

Oy. Gotta lie down now.


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Grandma: "Whossat? Issat my William?"

Police: "Mum, not now. You're under arrest!"

Grandma: "Woi? Av I done anneethin' wrong?"

Police: "You stole that sausage!"

Grandma: "Whot, this? From that bashed-up, broken-down, be-swamped and be-flooded building over there? Oy, William. I'll tell your Da."

10:30 AM  
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