Vices we love: Envy is totally awesome

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Envy is totally awesome

Starting around high school, my parents began to look at me as this overgrown leech that just won't become self-sufficient enough to suck on itself for a change. (No Clinton jokes please.) Everything came with a pricetag.

"I bought you this birthday present."
"Awww a sweater. Thanks!"
"Yes and you should thank me. It cost eleven dollars and ninety nine cents."
"Wow. That's exorbitant."

College was a blur as the Da proposed I finish in three years and collect a years' tuition as reward. In the stupidest decision of my life, I agreed and just barely made it through.

After a while I stopped asking for stuff and accepted life on the fiscal edge. I reasoned that if I do not ask and do not get, I also do not take. Still and all, its been rough going.

Which brings us to the unSphinx-like Indian. S.B., whose middle name ought to be Odell, has had, from what I can see, a life of contrast. I sped through college. He coasted, moved to Japan and dvelved in the finer points of narcotics. Two years and a prison stint later, he landed in Oman where, from what I can tell, (photo-wise) he led the easy life of an expatriate, replete with booty and sailing priviliges. Occassionally he rang the folks at home for some dough.

A life free of responsibility eventually carried him to Poland where his easy manner, big talk and constant smile obscured the fact that he has never and will never do anything he promises to. Our most recent interaction came about because of news that the lad won a trip to Venice, complete with a free vacation home and room for three or four of his closest friends. Of course (no surprise) he missed the deadline to register his pals but people can still come down on their own and roll the dice that there is more waiting in Venice than a parking lot. Interested?

And yeah. I know I'm bitter.


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