Vices we love: Taking pictures (no, not that kind)

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Taking pictures (no, not that kind)

Announcement: Hear ye, hear ye!

Asiatown, the man, the myth, the m(something) has been retained by a world-famous publisher of EFL books to take pictures of people in various stages of work. Bring me your photocopiers, your phone picker-uppers, your teachers, doctors, lawyers, Indian chiefs. Lend me your ears and badges. Women are especially welcome, not for any perverse reasons but simply because the company would like to have more members of the fairer sex represented in its publications.

Therefore, if you are employed, live in Greater London and want to meet the world-famous Asiatown (and face it, who doesn't?)-and appear in a textbook to further the miseducation of Third World-ers, drop me a line. I have a contract and tons of contact info to prove that this is totally legit. I even have some pictures so you can see what this is all about.

Write me if you want to be featured in work-related poses, live in Greater London and don't mind a pic or five. Yes, yes, I will send you copies. So, to channel Marie Antoinette, drop me a line today, and I may just bring cake.


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