Vices we love: Calling out the New Jersey State Treasurer

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Calling out the New Jersey State Treasurer

I checked sitemeter and who should visit but the NJ treasurer's office. Which is odd because once upon a time, when I was working on political campaigns in NYC, I got a call from a confused gentleman who, it seemed, wanted to run for either Jersey Governor or Jersey Assembly-he was not sure which. A Republican who supported abortion, gay marriage, and opposed the patriot act and Iraq, the lad believed that he had a lock on the "black and the Spanish vote"- a good thing too, since, in his estimation "that's all you need". It was to be his first campaign-he was an unemployed contractor.

I bring this all up because I just know that a fellow of such political acumen and mathematical genius surely works at the NJ treasurers office by now and was checking out the blog. Howya doin' Tony?


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