Vices we love: Men

Saturday, August 26, 2006


I have often thought of putting and on craigslist where I pretended to be a woman, just so that I can revel in the depravity I know Y chromosone-carriers to be capable of. Thankfully, over at Smearm, a friend already beat me to it.

In other news, I joined Free Republic a few weeks ago just to see if American conservatives live up to their ogre stereotype. Yes. Yes, they do. Before I was banned for being a "troll", I was involved in this conversation. You really can learn wonderful things on the internet. For instance, a brief search of this literate gentleman's postings reveals the following little ditty: "You ain't seen nothing until you're down on a muffin and you're sure to be changin' your ways."

Which is as good a seagueway as anything else into my new freelance writing assignment. No, not the love letter in my last post-although I did send it to a humor mag for consideration- but rather the British mag Kinkk, which commissioned me to write an article about professional female submissives. A full report will follow.


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