Vices we love: Lebanon explained

Sunday, July 30, 2006

Lebanon explained

Hezballah: poke-poke-poke
Israel: Cut it out!
Hezballah: poke-poke-poke
Israel: I'm serious, cut it out!
Hezballah: poke-poke-poke
[Israel hits Hezballah]
Hezballah to UN: Mom! He hit me!
UN: Stop whining. I have other things to deal with.
Iran: (whispering) don't worry, uncle is here.
Hezballah: Poke-poke-poke
[Israel slaps Hezballah again]
Hezballah: You wanna piece of me? Come and get it.
USA: Stop that fighting back there! Hezballah, try to stop poking, OK? You're bothering your mum. And you, Israel, keep your hands to yourself.
Israel: Yes, dad.
Hezballah: poke-poke-poke
[Israel slaps Hezballah again]
Hezballah: Mom! He hit me again!
UN [distracted]: mm hmm
Iran: heres a quarter, keep it up.
Hezballah: poke-poke-poke
[Israel beats Hezballah to a bloody pulp]
Hezballah, touching his nose and then staring at the blood: Oh Sh*t! What did you do that for?


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