Vices we love: Taking a pierogi break

Saturday, July 01, 2006

Taking a pierogi break

Finished classes and slept about 12 hours. The train for Budapest leaves at the super-convenient time of 1:17 A.M. This means I'll be hanging out with the local homeless population and will have such stimulating conversations as:

HGWS (Homeless Guy With Shoes): Czesch, czesch. (Hello, hello.)
AHB (Autistic Hungarian Boy): Czesch. (Insert insincere smile.)
HGWS: English?
AHB: Hungarian. English little.
HGWS: Oh! (Big toothless smile.) Magyar!
AHB: Uh huh.
HGWS: (Stands there with said smile, trying to think up ways to hit me up for dough.)
AHB: (Stands there uneasy and guilt-ridden beneath super anti-social exterior.)
HGWS: My friend. Meet my friend.
HGW/OS (Homeless Guy Without Shoes): (Ambles over. Slowly.)
HGWS: (Pointing a finger in my general direction. Finger is a bit shaky due to alcohol consumption.) Magyar!
HGW/OS: Oh Magyar!

I can honestly say that I have about as much zlotys as they do, thanks to the amazing non-paying work-study job I found myself with during the last four months. Since the director of the Uni (a wisened Priestly sort) does not speak English and his chief bootlicker/assistant only speaks it when convenient, I have been unloading my tales of woe on a Polish-American lad who set up the program in the first place. We have an amazingly opportunistic relationship where he sometimes likes me and sometimes hates me, depending on his immediate goals. Currently we have an excellent fight brewing over wether my tuition will be paid as it is supposed to be under the bilingual contracts I signed. For the last four months I lived on an average income of 300 dollars per month (about 4 dollars/teaching hour) all because of the notion of a fully subsidized M.Ed. (The tuition is $1250.) At first the Uni offered to pay half. We are now up to 75%. Within time, they will surely promise 100%. Me and the lad have conversations which go like this:

PO'D&UP'd (Pissed off and underpaid): So did you guys pay the tuition?
MNLYTF (Me no like you today fella): Well the thing is...
PO'D&UP'd (Now displaying his renowned social skills): Yes or no?

Onto the good news. I am officially halfway through my M.Ed. Of course when asking about grades, the Profs took the non-committal approach, having been warned of my propensity of starting every conversation with "But if I remember correctly, you promised that...." Still, I have my fingers crossed until they are every bit as twisted as the rest of me.

Even better, the class titled "Special Education in the regular classroom" is over. For someone whose mother regularly threatened him with being institutionalized, this is excellent news. When in BP, I must find a girlfriend with a Psychology degree.


Blogger Adalmin said...

Ah, right back into the wilderness, I see. Carry on.

1:56 AM  

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