Vices we love: Looking for a few good heart surgeons

Friday, February 17, 2006

Looking for a few good heart surgeons


We here at Let 'Em Eat Cake-It's Good For Business Heart Clinic are looking for a few good heart surgeouns! We will pay you forty dollars for every operation and if you're not too thorough you can squeeze in four or five a day. We have excellent insurance coverage and have purchased some very powerful people in Congress (we keep 'em tied up in the macine room when they are not in session-take a look!) so it's not really a big deal if the patients expire, just don't make it a habt, ha-ha.

Now, I'm not really a surgeon but years ago I played one on TV- before the sex thing you probably read about in the papers. I'm not really the boss, so it's not sure if I have any business posting this but the boss is a great guy. His name is Mike, and not only is he blonde but he is a Christiain too! :) Wow :) I'm not sure if he is a doctor but that doesn't really matter, does it? Just have fun with the patients and you know, operating, like, successfully, is not all that important just make sure patient happy. Mike makes patient happy. Have you seen his "power suit"? Whoo :)

Now, we promise to pay you every so often and if you can relocate we will have a nice house just for you. But you can't move in until February 4 because we haven't finished killing the mice yet. Do you like mice? We think it's yummy. We think all-together-like! You think like we think, I think- no? Gosh I hope so.

So if this is something "you would be much interested in", send us your resume (no "fitty cent" words pls :) and a color picture along with your insurance info. If you forged your insurance info, it is o.k. We did too. Thanks!


Blogger Adalmin said...

Dear god.

Run away! Run away!

9:10 PM  

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