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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

This says it all

Name one possible error in the following advertisement:

We are schools based on China ,Anhui Prov ,one of my friends he needs a few foreign teacher to do some 2006 summer camp jobs for him ,good pay ,double-way airfare,free accomadation and free travelling (we went to Sigapore last year ) (but you have to be in China or will be in China now :) )

you know most Summer camps always go with fun ,and although no-one really cares about if the students learn anything or not , but we want to develop long-term cooperatoins with you in the future too , and we do care about our students ,and we believe the word of mouth , which means whenever you or your friends have free time during winters or summers , we could always meet and enjoy happy holidays with middle school students and the pay is absolutely not bad for at most 20 or 10 days( one camp duration ) .

You will be teaching all over the China ,after the summer or winter camp , if we have a good time together ,you know the feeling of leaving a bad taste in the mouth ,I believe neither of us like that , and if you want to work with us by long term contract after the camp (if you like us first ) by the way , my friend he will help that too ,he doesn"t really speak English but he is a great guy and a Chrisitian too.

Teacher Qualifications :

we pay more attention on teaching quality so make sure you have" teaching plans" or at least something with you before coming here ,and if you can train our English teachers here that would be more than welcome ,we will be happy to pay you more for teacher training .

If you would like to know more details pls send me Mails


Blogger Adalmin said...

"or at least something with you..."

Right. I like carrying llamas around. Does that make me the ultimate llama-toting English teacher? For Chrissakes.

6:37 AM  
Blogger peemil said...

That job sounds fantastic!

7:49 PM  

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