Vices we love: I love the smell of kielbasa in the morning

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

I love the smell of kielbasa in the morning

Ho ho frigging ho. Merry Chrismanukahkwanzaaka as corporations now say. I'm in upstate New York waiting on possibilities and the likeliest contender is.....

Poland. The land of sausages, cabbage and the occassional mass killing. I was accepted into a moderately reputable and nearly-free masters program there, and an M.Ed. may do wonders for me. (No, I have not forgotten Virginia. I have it on deep background that they have schools too in case I feel like doing something productive while biding my time.)

A Masters may make me semi-employable
Never been to Poland so nobody hates me there yet (though if my grandmother hadn't changed her name from Lichtmann....)
Serious blogging potential (11:30 pm- I am so drunk; 2:30 am- I'm wasted; 11:30 am- who is that strange family of identical sisters in my bed? I am so drunk; 2:30 pm- I need a drink.)

Bankruptcy. Termination. Expulsion. You know- the usual stuff.
Continued exile. (This could be a plus actually.)

So with that in mind, pass me the pickled cabbage Comrade Kaminski, I'm going through the pretense of higher education- Poland style.


Anonymous Cecil B. said...

Where bouts in Upstate? That's my old home.

3:31 PM  
Blogger asiatown77 said...

Somewhere north of the Catskills and south of Montreal is the best I can do on a public forum.

3:48 PM  
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