Vices we love: He totally ruined the roof is on fire song....

Friday, July 29, 2005

He totally ruined the roof is on fire song....

Just saw Farenheit 911. (Hey, I'm a late bloomer.) No, there are no burning flags. No defaced crosses. No, Michael Moore doesn't take a whizz on the Constitution or the Liberty Bell. He could lose a hundred pounds, shave, get rid of the raggedy baseball cap and put on a suit but I guess he thinks all that would crimp his integrity.

See, the thing is, you never get anywhere with compulsion. Nobody is going to be happy about doing something if you make them which means 1) they will do a crappy job, 2) they will look for ways to sabotage it and 3) they will stop doing that crappy job the second you turn your back. Just a thought.


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