Vices we love: Welcome to Korea: the place where we have no needs

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Welcome to Korea: the place where we have no needs

All in all a typical day of work. Arrive at 8:00. Wait for Michelle to come in at 9:05. Start class at 9:10. The kids are thirsty but there is only one water fountain in the building that has not been disconnected yet. The floor is dirty but there is only one mop in sight and it is held together only by divine intervention. No supplies for the filthy foreigner. Michelle has a big-screen television, a tape player and a laptop connected to the TV so that she can show movies downloaded from the internet. Asiatown has a whiteboard and three markers. But no eraser.

Lunchtime. I'm a bit leery since the food poisoning incident, but free grub is free grub. Today's special: Bibimbap: Eggs with rice, carrots, "hot jam" and some long brown thingies that possibly resemble worm turds but are supposed to be superhealthy veggies. I don't know, because I'll never eat them. And the best part? Desert:

They washed out the rice cooker with warm tap water and poured said water into plastic cups. L'chaim!


Blogger Adalmin said...

Are you sure you didn't land in North Korea by mistake?

1:23 PM  
Blogger asiatown77 said...

Meh. Same difference wouldn't you say?

1:30 PM  
Blogger Adalmin said...


Poor you. Then again, wouldn't YOU like to live in...Taiwan? Maybe? Land of the Stinking Dog Turd Tofu?

12:20 PM  
Blogger asiatown77 said...

Wow...from Dog Soup to to Dog Turd Tofu, we march onward.

1:11 PM  
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