Vices we love: Albert (the sequelae)

Thursday, March 17, 2005

Albert (the sequelae)

90S: You seem edgy today...restless.
A: Yes. Maybe moody or depressed is a better word?
90S: Let me guess. Albert is still on your mind?
A: How did you know?
90S: You strike me as the brooding type.
A: I can be, I suppose.
90S: Is there any special reason you're still thinking about him or is this just how you process emotions?
A: I was talking to my grandmother on the phone today and I guess it bought it back.
90S: How is your grandmother doing?
A: She is 89- and she has breast cancer. It kind of feels like the end- I miss her already.
90S: But how is she doing?
A: Oh fine. She is the sprightly sort- going about her business. I think she may be made of sterner stuff than me.
90S: You're very self-centered when you brood.
A: I think so too.


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