Vices we love: Soju Talking

Monday, March 14, 2005

Soju Talking

Welcome to 90 Seconds . In this installment, Soju Talking, we return to the scene of the crime, Seoul, and it's anonymous perpetrator.

90S: You seem pretty chatty today for a recluse.
A: You know that's true. I just got my cell phone bill and even with all the international calls- to the Politburo, Scotland Yard, Elvis's estate- it still came in at just over twenty bucks.
90S: Nifty.
A: Damned right it's nifty. In America you pay a hundred bucks a month just to breathe heavy and then say night night.
90S: Degenerate.
A: You flatter me.
90S: What is soju anyway?
A: Rice wine. See, in Asia, everything is centered on rice, even booze.
90S: Does it taste, you know, ricey?
A: It tastes like tractor fuel. But after just two or three bottles, you pretty much forget the taste.
90S: And do you ever get to the point of drinking two or three bottles?
A: Sadly no. I'm weak when it comes to booze. Koreans see this and say "he is not very social is he"?
90S: Well you aren't very social. I mean here you are in a country where you don't know the language and people know you don't belong so of course, other than staring, they leave you alone. You're a hermit in the hermit kingdom.
A: True that.
90S: Well that's all the time we have, but next time I want to know how you learned to mimic ebonics with a horrid eastern block accent.
A: Nothing to it dawg.
90S: Stop that. Please.


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