Vices we love: Happy White Day

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Happy White Day

We at 90 seconds wish our readers a happy white day. What is white day? For that we turn to our anonymous source who not only knows about white day but is himself white.

90S: White day?
A: It's like Korean Valentines day, except that the girls give gifts to the guys. We also have plain old fashioned Valentine's day which happens on February 14th, just like out west.
90S: So did you get any presents?
A: The little girls at the hakwon give me gifts- mostly candy. It's pretty sweet. I know "pretty sweet" doesn't sound like something I might say. In fact, I may never say it again.
90S. Sweet. So what about you?
A: Why am I always being talked about?
90S: You're the subject of 90 Seconds, so it sort of comes with the territory.
A: Oh yeah. Gotcha.
90S: So about you. Ever been in love?
A: Oh constantly. I'm in love with love. But then I usually realize that most girls are way more practical than I am.
90S: How so?
A: Look, most girls want nice things, nice bodies, etc. Love is maybe number 50 on that list.
90S: Don't guys want the same things? Nice bodies, hot sex and so on?
A: Yeah but we also want love. That's what makes us so complicated.
90S: And do you think you'll find love?
A: I try not to look for it. It's completely counterintuitive but the harder you try to do something or find something the further it gets out of your reach.
90S: Damn you're deep today.


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