Vices we love: Riding in a cab- an ode

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Riding in a cab- an ode

With apologies to Weird Al's truck driving song....

Riding in a cab,
Riding in a cab,
Going to hell and coming right back
I'm riding in a cab on the mean streets of Ansan
With no clue where we're headed tonight.

Riding in a cab,
I was riding in a cab
With an ajosshi snacking on fish heads
Riding in a cab on a mission to E-Mart
Battling to forestall scurvy for still another night.

Riding in a cab,
Ready for a nutritious snack
But all I seem to be able to get
Is a rotten mango that's no better than a Big Mac.

Riding in a cab,
Disheartened at best
I wonder what it's like in the decadent West
Riding in a cab back to the college dorms tonight.


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