Vices we love: A few reasonably subtle words about my current situation

Saturday, October 07, 2006

A few reasonably subtle words about my current situation

Ever have those moments when you have a ton of things to say and can't get around to saying them? That's how I feel and my two books (which I am writing simultenously) are being held up because of this. Books tend to have these things called words. I gotta work on that.

In other news, I left behind my wee Hounslow flat for a two room apartment a few miles east- in north-central Slovakia. I was hired by an American University which shall remain nameless at this juncture as they seem upfront and competent and I have no reason to lambast them as yet. It's called an IEP or Intensive English Program and the idea is to prepare students (mostly Slovaks of course) to function in an English-speaking academic environment. In order to a) expand my horizons, b) keep one foot in the business world, c) rake up overtime and d) be super-helpful and indispensible, I have volunteered to teach some business courses as well and am waiting to see if they will take me up on it. (GAAP, here I come?!)

The contract is for a trimester, but I wouldn't mind sticking around until I complete the M.Ed. in July 2007. Of course if they do something like forget to pay me, all bets are off. After that (the M.Ed.), having decided that it will delay the real world and keep me from being forced to leave my home (wherever that home may be), I'm looking into a Ph.D., possibily in neuro-linguistics.

I am reminded of a lad named Terrance. Terrance and I went to the University of Memphis together- me for three years, him for twenty-three years. In that time, he racked up NUMEROUS undergraduate credits (not degrees) and had a nice life which I will never know how he managed to sustain. Still, I can't fault him for his choice of locations- Memphis is a cool town. Will I become another Terrance, stylish hat and funky overcoat billowing about my frame as I pursue life as an academic and a whoremonger? One can only hope. Said overcoat billowing will have to wait tho- it's unseasonably warm outside.


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