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Saturday, May 13, 2006

Virtual pals

I find more and more people are tormenting themselves...I mean reading this blog. So it's time to let people know about blogs I read and blogs I should urge people to create so that I can read them. In no particular order:

Dave the wandering Jew - From Israel to Ghana to England, the man takes his trusty pork chops wherever he goes. You want to see rootless? Well do ya? Wait, I define rootless. Never mind.

Peemil the sockless one - This kid is amazing. And by amazing I mean batshit insane. He will climb a tower one day, dressed as a clown.

My favorite porn-loving Asian girl - I find that Asian men generally think of porn and gore as being more or less interchangable. Thankfully this Buddhist Oreo-loving aspiring screenwriter is here to prove you wrong and not a moment too soon.

Green shoed granny - from porn-loving Buddhists to Jewish grannies. That black and white picture is adorable. I can't believe I just said the word adorable. I gotta wash my mouth out with soap.

The original queen of porn and comedy - I only read the entry about giving head but if that's any indication of what's to come, please, please, please resist the advice of the doctors and don't even think about Xanax. That shit kills creativity.

Professor Oleh Girl - Hey there, wanna swap your student-free classes for mine? Or do your students actually show up? They do? Then phooey, I'm staying right here.

Ari and Zev get ANGRY - Finally, guys who don't need a lot of booze to get into a good barfight. Praise ________!

Ad hominem in action - Ahhh the "ooogh me good...oooogh you bad" politics of taking the lowest common denominator and dividing it by two- now in blog form.

Pedantic doesn't begin to cover it bub -There are bad people in the world. You're gonna save the world from the bad people. I'm gonna move to Poland and try to learn how to become bad for the sake of self-preservation. And so it goes.

The wiki is awesome - The Wikipedia is the greatest thing ever. Wanna know which Congressman exposed himself in front of the Iwo Jima memorial? Play a computer game based on Chernobyl? Learn about the so-called Statue of Responsibility which will never, ever get built? Wiki it dude.

Hungarian wikipedia-Nerds in Paradise II - I'm a geek in two languages.

The Daily Dish of porn, politics and palinka - What is palinka? It's the most awful thing ever concoted, kimchi and soju excepted. I assume that porn and politics require no explanation as they are pretty much the same thing.

People who really should blog:

The kid in my class who used the following sterling example about if-then conditionals: "I I met the president (of Poland) I would kill him." Attaboy.

The president(s) of Poland: Twin brothers, child actors, destitute farmers and accidental leaders. A vision of post-Communist kleptocracy in action.

The Indian dude in Iatewon who had two wives and was constantly searching for #3 and #4. Anyone want to land him a hand?

The night clerk at the 24 hour market by the university: The fascinating variety of homeless folks, drunks, half-naked students and macho closeted homosexuals walking their pitbulls would be a great read.

The girls at the local disco: On second thought, please don't. Blogger has enough problems without pages of "You handsome man? Rich? Buy me warka (beer)? Come on motherfucker buy me warka!"

And so much more....


Blogger Adalmin said...

Cheap entry! Cheeeeeap!

5:01 AM  
Blogger peemil said...

It's an entry nonetheless.

You got a glowing review. What are you complaining about?

So did I- But I'd like to correct you though Asiatown.

It won't be clown costume. I've given this a lot of thought.

I'll do it dressed as Charlie Chaplin, and even do the little waddle as I evade the Police.

9:34 AM  
Blogger asiatown77 said...

Adalmin- warka?

Peemil- outstanding plan. I heard that until a few years ago, police in London didn't carry guns only batons. You totally missed out on a golden time and place.

9:58 AM  

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