Vices we love: This is gonna hurt you for the rest of your life

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

This is gonna hurt you for the rest of your life

U.S Presidents 1980-2040:

1980 - 1988: George W.H. Bush is Vice President

1988: George H.W. Bush becomes President

1992: George H.W. Bush vs. Bill Clinton

2000: Clinton's boy, Gore vs. George H.W. Bush's boy, George W. Bush

2008: George W. Bush's bro, Jeb Bush vs. Clinton's wife, Hillary

2012: Jeb Bush vs. Hillary Clinton

2016: Jeb Bush finally takes back the White House for the Bush family

2020: Jeb Bush wins second term

2024: Constitutional Amendment allows Bill Clinton who is 78 years old to run and win his third term as president

2028: Bill Clinton loses re-election to hotshot Senator George P. Bush, son of Jeb Bush and a half-latino who wins 59% of the votes, most of which come from the majority of Americans who are themselves latino

2032: George P. Bush wins second term and dubbed the latino JFK

2036: George P. Bush wins third term in office thanks to the constitutional amendment passed in favor of Bill Clinton in 2024


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