Vices we love: Still not a people person

Saturday, April 15, 2006

Still not a people person

I turn on msn and this is what happens....

where are you?



i‘m a chinese


do I know you?


and the same to me

can I ask why you are messaging me?

i forgot

ok.....just curious is all

are you A girl?

No, a boy

so,homesome guy

yes I am, thank you

could you show your pictures?

oh I don't know....can I see you?

my photo is here

oh you're nice

thank you

turn to you

i saw

what do you think?


Ahhh TEFL.....



Blogger Liza said...

Everytime I start Yahoo Messenger, I find a ton of requests from Asians looking to add me to their contact list, or trying to buzz me. I can only assume that my Yahoo ID means something um... unusual in some Asian language. It's particularly brutal after a weekend when I've been away from the computer.

2:52 PM  

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