Vices we love: Vices we love

Thursday, May 12, 2005

Vices we love

Sharp-eyed observers may have noticed a debate in the comments section about wether I am icky OR weird due to my postings at Dave's. One was a little poem I wrote, entitled Hawajangsil Ajumma. Judge for yourself:

Hawajangsil Ajumma how I love you so,
Will you help me score some blow?
Before y'all rush to condemn me,
just know that I need to be free
From the role of token white monkey you see,
And now I have earned that sweet liberty
Moving to public school in Ansan and taking my harmonica with me.

Hawajangsil Ajumma how I love you so,
Bring me a little blue pill for the afterglow.
I live in Gyeonggi-Do now,
Where cow-tippers reap what they sow.

Hawajangsil Ajumma how I love you so,
Please Mamma, please don't go
For if the kimchi stains don't show
No one will ever know. (Ok, I just dreamed up this verse.)


Blogger Adalmin said...

This is...quite disturbing. I can see all the innuendo flailing about.

3:13 PM  
Blogger asiatown77 said...

I am perfectly normal.
Perfectly normal....

9:33 AM  

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