Vices we love: The debate continues

Thursday, May 26, 2005

The debate continues

Say, is it mortgage fraud if they don't catch you? What if you think it ought to be legal? What if you are owed reparations because your Cherokee-Irish-African-Japanese grandmother was forced to live in an internment camp on a reservation? What if you just damned well feel like it? What if you go to church? What if you not only go to chuch but also firebomb mosques? What if you THOUGHT it was legal? What if you were under the influence of Randy Newman tunes? What if the mortgage broker didn't look 16? What if you are doing your civic duty? What about your religious convictions? What of your days back in the National Guard between 1964 and 1973? What if your dad is an alderman? What if you are an alderman? What if you know an alderman? What if you could have been an alderman? What if you are a redhead? What if you are a hermaphrodite? What if you were almost aborted? What if the power of Christ compounds you? What would Alan Greenspan do?


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