Vices we love: The things I do when not blogging about you

Thursday, February 08, 2007

The things I do when not blogging about you

Okay, Masters degree time again. Two weeks of classes, eight hours of lectures a day, shared student housing, assignments, exams and the constant flow and odor of medicines all around me. (Science really is complicated. How anyone who has massacred so many brain cells can master these implements is beyond me.)

This set of courses are 1) techonology in the classroom and 2) curriculum design. Basically this means 1) making videos/powerpoints/slides/etc about OURSELVES [who loves us? We do] and 2) learning to keep Bible-thumpers out of the classroom. (Off tangent, I once worked for an alleged radio talk show host named Steve Feuerstein (a rich dilettante who pretended to be a journalist out of boredom) who interviewed Jerry Falwell while I was listening it. Fun times.

After tomorrow, I'll be 3/4th done with my M.Ed. We have started up a wiki discussing gay cows. Cuz we're professionals.


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